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Limoges Dinnerware

Limoges, France is where some of the world's finest dinnerware has been made since the 18th century, when a special clay called kaolinite was discovered there. This special clay is used to produce a "hard-paste" porcelain that is strong, thin, and very white in color, making it perfectly suited for shaping and decorating. Some of the world's most exquisite dinnerware patterns are hand-painted or sculpted from Limoges porcelain using the techniques shown in this video. This unique combination of rare natural materials and meticulous handicraft is what makes Limoges dinnerware so precious.

Today, these artisanal manufacturers continue to follow the same tradition of Limoges porcelain making, and their products are used by royal families, celebrity chefs like Thomas Keller and Pierre Gagnaire, and luxury hotels around the world.


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