As Seen in New York Magazine: The Best Hotel Sheets

As we all know, high-end hotels are the best at choosing sheets that are luxurious, soft, and durable, so they look good wash after wash.

New York Magazine’s The Strategist recently set out to find the sheets that hotel insiders loved in a column “The Best Sheets, According to Hotel Insiders.”  Featured was the Garnier-Thiebaut’s Nice bedding collection:

Garnier-Thiebaut Nice Bed Linens

It seems they tracked down some of the insiders at the Four Seasons Hotel, New York, Mandarin Oriental, Washington DC, Park Hyatt, Chicago, Ritz Carlton, Key Biscayne, The Inn at Palmetto Bluff, Cheval Blanc, Courchevel, not to mention Per Se in New York, Qatar Airways, and the Chateau Restaurant Joel Robuchon in Tokyo. One of the most respected names in the hospitality industry, Garnier-Thiebaut supplies linens to some of the finest hotels and restaurants in the world, so it was probably inevitable they would make it on such a list.

Just take a look at their linens:


See the entire Garnier-Thiebaut selection online here.



How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table

We love working with coffee tables, as they are both beautiful and infinitely practical.  Here are some of our best design tips.

1. Generally, your coffee table should be about two-thirds the length of your sofa.

2. A coffee table should either align with the seat of the sofa or be about one to two inches lower.

3. Place your coffee table 18 inches away from your sofa, or any other seating in the room.  If it faces a TV stand or fireplace, leave at least 30 inches from the edge of the coffee table for walking around.

4. In oversized rooms, you can often combine coffee tables to create what you need.  For a large square, place two rectangular ones side by side.  Or get creative and join three triangular ones to form a neat whimsical shape.

Regina Andrew Herringbone Nest Cocktail Table

Regina Andrew Herringbone Nest Cocktail Table

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Born in Detroit: Grit and Grace from Regina Andrew

What do you get when you combine a stylish artist with a musician in a city full of soul and manufacturing prowess?  Regina Andrew!

Regina Andrew Founders James Andrew Slaven and Carla Regina Zajac

Founded in south Detroit (the Paris of the Midwest, as they love to say) over twenty years ago, this talented couple has created a very personal collection full of classics with a an edge (modern, rock and roll, funk), so you can use them over and over again, no matter how often you move.

Their first product – a designer doghouse for a charity fundraiser – speaks volumes to their commitment to living a well-lived life and to supporting the local community.  They’re also super passionate about the environment.  Regina Andrew’s headquarters and warehouses are 100% solar powered, they use as much recycled cardboard as possible, and they transform reclaimed objects into beautiful things.

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Inspired by Nature: Elegant Entertaining with TarHong’s Acrylic and Melamine Dinnerware

Have you seen the latest in melamine dinnerware?  Many of the newest collections from Los Angeles-based TarHong are inspired by natural materials, so they’re perfect for indoor dining.

Escape to the wine country with the Marin and French Oak melamine collections:


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Always On Vacation: Fine Art Photographer Gray Malin

Living in Los Angeles, we can’t help being drawn to anything that reminds us to spend more time outdoors.  And whether it’s in Beverly Hills or Lake Como, images of folks on vacation always make us smile.

Gray Malin and his fine art photographs will do the same for you.  The series which shot him to fame, Prada Marfa, is Marfa, Texas (known for its modern art installations) like you’ve never seen it:

Rainbow Cowboy Hats I (Prada Marfa) by Gray Malin

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