Why Are You Seeing Enamelware Everywhere?

If you grew up in the 60’s and 70’s or went camping as a kid, chances are, you’re familiar with enamelware.  And like so many things from that era (Gucci, anyone?), it’s hip again.  It’s loved by the editors of food52, popping up all over Instagram, and being used in countless outdoor weddings.

Splatter Blue and White Enamelware

Today, enamelware feels as appropriate in the Adirondacks as it does in a condo in Brooklyn.  Why?  Because it’s functional.  But it’s also urban and rural; universal in the best sense.

Vintage White with Black Rim Enamelware

Plus, it’s a treat to reach for something that’s so lightweight, carefree, and fun for both kids and grandparents.

Splatter Pink and White Enamel Children’s Enamel Tableware

To channel a retro vibe, Crow Canyon Home makes pieces that are charming pieces of Americana, full of nostalgic, old-fashioned goodness.  Used outdoors, they’re a great alternative to glass and disposable paper and plastic containers.

Splatter Blue and White Enamelware

And if you’re going camping, enamelware is easy to carry and safe to use on the grill or the campfire.

Crow Canyon Home Enamelware

For sailors, Crow Canyon Home recently released a collaboration with Fishs Eddy, one of New York City’s most iconic shops.  Here’s their Knots collection; it also comes in Sailboats and Buoys.

Crow Canyon Home x Fishs Eddy Knots Enamelware

Farther afield, we recently found enamelware (in dinnerware, it’s actually porcelain fused onto heavy gauge steel) at Maison et Objet in Paris, where a duo of Turkish sisters were introducing Bornn, a new line of handcrafted enamelware.  Their Marble Swirl pieces, each of which is hand made and colored, is stunning.

Multi-Colored Marble Swirl Lemon Cream Enamelware

I mean, how is this even possible?  Every piece is hand dipped and colored, so the pattern changes throughout.

Multi-Colored Marble Swirl Blush Enamelware

Or for something simpler, there’s the Bloom collection, available in seven colors:

Bornn Bloom Enamelware

So what do you need to know?  Enamelware dinnerware is made using a steel base, which is hand dipped in porcelain multiple times to build a base and topcoat to withstand heat.  To create splatterware, a second color is flicked on using a special brush.  Marble patterns are dipped and swirled multiple times until the colors are just right.

Enamelware is dishwasher, oven (up to 500F), grill, and stovetop safe.  It’s also easy to clean and lightweight, so it’s great for kids.  With heavy use, it might chip at the edges; don’t worry, that’s part of its appeal.  And it’s completely food safe (even with chips).  But don’t use it in the microwave, as the metal inside won’t do well.

Love it?  Click here to see more enamelware pieces.

Just Dropped: The Haas Brothers + L’Objet Collaboration

In less than eight years, artists Simon and Nikolai Haas (collectively known as Haas Brothers) have taken the art world by storm.  Known for their colorful, biomorphic, and imaginative furniture, ornaments, and objects, the Los Angeles-based twins started out by making furniture for Tobey Maguire when he was redoing his office at Sony Studios in 2010.

Niki and Simon Haas (courtesy Haas Brothers; photo by Joe Kramm)

Following this, they landed a slew of high-profile jobs, including designing monster masks for Lady Gaga, outfitting Louis Vuitton Shanghai’s digs with Peter Marino, producing furniture for Donatella Versace, and working on the lobby of the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles.  As if that’s not enough, they’ve also shown their work at Art Basel Miami.

Now, they’ve collaborated with Elad Yifrach from L’Objet to create a family of unforgettable, whimsical creatures:

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Setting the Table: Celebrating Lunar New Year in Style

If you’re like us, you’ve probably moved way past the heavily sauced Chinese dishes from your younger days and sampled your share of truly spectacular Chinese food.

Today, Hong Kong and Macau have 82 Michelin starred recommendations. And on our last trip to Singapore, the dim sum at Jiang-Nan Chun (at the Four Seasons Singapore) was out of this world. Closer to home in L.A., Chang’an in the San Gabriel Valley shows us how a new generation of Asians likes to eat: in restaurants that are well-designed, specialize in serving premium food, and can just easily welcome the local family of ten as well as the Gucci/Prada/Lamborghini students at the local college.

So if you’re a fan of this next-caliber Asian food, how do you do it justice at home?  We’ll show you show.  And once you’ve got the hang of it, a Lunar New Year’s celebration, which falls on February 5th this year, is the perfect time to try it out.

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Vintage Pewter Candleholder Featured in French Style Magazine

Who could resist a cover that helps you “Design Your Parisian Retreat”?

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