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Guide to Choosing Bath Linens

You use your bathroom every day, so it’s time to show it some love! Bath linens are an everyday essential, so here are some key factors to keep in mind when making your selections.




Understanding Bath Linen Materials

What quality should I look for in bath linens?

Material is the most important consideration when purchasing bath linens. Almost all fine towels are made from cotton (especially Egyptian and Turkish) because it is very absorbent and strong. Microfiber (high performance synthetic fibers that resist shedding and piling) and bamboo are becoming increasingly popular because they are even more absorbent and lighter in weight.

What is terry cloth?

Terry refers to the looped pile you see on most towels. The longer and more tightly packed these loops are, the more absorbent and durable the towel. Terry cloth towels are absorbent because the looped pile in the terry acts like very small sponges.

What is microfiber?

Microfiber is an ultrafine fiber that naturally resists shedding and piling. Compared with other materials, microfibers are twice as fine as silk and three times finer than cotton. Items made from microfiber are extremely absorbent, soft, and lightweight.

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Choosing a Size

What are standard towel sizes?

Sizes will vary among different collections, but they are generally as follow:

Bath Sheet 47″ x 59″
Bath Towel 27″ x 55″
Hand Towel 24″ x 41″
Guest Towel 16″ x 24″
Washcloth 13″ x 13″
Bath Mat 24″ x 35″
Shower Curtain 72″ x 72″


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How do I select a bathrobe?

When choosing a bathrobe, comfort is key. Pick a material that is soft and absorbent, but not too tight. You want to leave enough room for a bulky sweater underneath during the cold winter months.

Care and Suggested Quantities

How do I care for my bath linens?

You should always launder new towels before using them. Wash with a mild detergent in warm water and then tumble dry. Do not wash with other laundry, as shedding or “linting” almost always occurs with new towels. Avoiding using bleaches or fabric softeners.

How many towels do I need?


  • 2 Bath Towels or Bath Sheets per person
  • 2 Hand Towels per person
  • 2 Guest or Fingertip Towels per person
  • 4 Washcloths per person
  • 1 Bath Mat per bathroom
  • 1 Shower Curtain and Liner per bathroom
  • 2 Additional Towel Sets (bath, hand, guest) for each additional bathroom


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