Made in France: Jars Handcrafted Everyday Dinnerware

Jars Ceramistes has created the perfect mix of beauty and function: rustic dinnerware pieces that are made entirely by hand, coated with beautiful glazes, and fired at such high temperatures they become durable enough to be used everyday.

Founded in 1857 by Pierre Jars, the Jars factory (located in southern France near Provence) employs no more than 90 workers, so it remains a small and personal  community of craftsmen.

The complex process of creating each item involves the hands of at least 17 ceramists, as well as countless hours of sculpting, glazing and firing.

Heating these stoneware items to temperatures as high as 2340 degrees Fahrenheit causes the the glaze to fuse with the clay, resulting in incredibly durable, scratch-resistant and chip-resistant products.

Inspired by the beauty of Provence, the depth of details and colors in Jars pieces set them apart from other everyday dinnerware.


Empreinte features a series of reliefs patterns on a pure white ceramic base:

Jars Empreinte Blanc

With its almost-there glazes, Vuelta Ocean Blue is a trip to the sea.

Jars Vuelta Ocean Blue

Like all those small treasures we gather on morning walks along the beach, Plume is reminiscent of shells, feathers, rocks and fossils:

Jars Plume White Pearl

Tourron is retro, yet modern:

Jars Tourron Cherry

And although no two pieces are identical, they all work well together.  No matter how you choose to pair them, these versatile items can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content.

Jars Tourron Lemon and Tourron Orange

To see the entire collection of Jars pieces, click here.

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