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Protecting Your Tables with Felt Table Liners

It happens to the best of us: drinks can spill and plates can drop.  Over time, dining tables can really sustain a lot of wear and tear, especially during the holidays.  Tablecloths help, but with larger spills, clanging of plates, or dripping wax, tabletops can easily get damaged.  Sometimes the repairs are easy, but with antiques and precious heirlooms, often they are not.  Since good furniture is an investment, it’s much better to be prepared.

I’ve spent a long time looking for something to pad or protect my tables, and the best solution I’ve found are these felt table liners.  These 1/8″-inch thick table liners are designed to reduce noise and protect your tabletop against heat (up to 400F) and scratches. Made from a heavy-duty white polyester felt, they have a dense weave, so they are durable and very plush.  In addition to protecting your tables, they are also great for adding fullness and body underneath all tablecloths.  Because they’re fabric, they can be washed when needed and if you change tables, they can also be cut to fit a new size.  Best of all, they’re always in stock, so they can be shipped out right away for those last-minute emergencies.

These felt liners start at just $70, and they’re available in all sorts of sizes and shapes.  We recommend choosing a felt table liner that is larger than your table (so that the tablecloth drapes gracefully on the sides and you have soft edges), but  slightly smaller than your tablecloth (so that you don’t have to worry about positioning your cloth perfectly on top of your liner).  A good rule of thumb is to add 10 inches to each dimension of your (width and length, or diameter).  And for casual dining, we have placemat-sized liners; those are just $5 each.

Felt Table Liners

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