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How to Make Takeout Look Like a Million Bucks

Summer’s here, and although we can’t all be sailing with Beyonce and Jay Z around the Mediterranean, you can definitely live la dolce vita at home.

Here’s how you do it.

Start with takeout salad and sandwiches from your local deli.

Set out a gold charger, to bring in some sun.

Rosenthal Tac 02 Skin Gold Service Plate

Add a marine blue dinner plate.  Notice how the gold detailing along the center rim picks up the glow from the charger.

Raynaud Cristobal Marine Dinner Plate

Now, a napkin.  Which looks good, but a little flat.

So quickly add a napkin ring … gold coral looks good here.

Bodrum Coral Gold Napkin Ring

Plate your salad and add a glass.  This one’s acrylic (and super popular onboard megayachts), but feels just like the real thing.

Mario Luca Giusti Rolling Stone Acrylic Goblet in Blue

Need flatware?  The plastic forks and knives from the deli definitely won’t do.  So bring out this chic gold flatware set from Herdmar, and pour your ice tea out.  Don’t forget the lemon; it’s what the crew would do for you.

Herdmar Spiga Gold Flatware

And finally, set out your sandwiches on an gorgeous blue coral tray.

Raynaud Cristobal Marine Long Cake Plate/Tray

Play some music, and you’re done!  Like what you saw?  Take a look at our “Do Takeout Like the .01%” collection.  Because really, you don’t have to cook to eat well at home.

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